Library card

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To borrow books and other material, you need a library card. You can apply for a library card at any Helle Library by presenting your identification to the staff. If you are under the age of 15, you need your guardian's consent to acquire a library card. The first library card is free of charge; any cards you might apply for after that are subject to a fee. Application form for Library card.pdf (printable version)

If you misplace your card, please notify the library immediately. The cardholder is responsible for all the material borrowed with the card. Guardians are responsible for material borrowed by cardholders who are under 15 years old.

The same library card can be used in all Helle Libraries.

Keep your contact information up to date

Notify the library staff of any changes to your contact information. You can also make the changes at the online library under My account. The address information will not be automatically updated, but will be sent on a form to the library where the staff will update them. Notification of name change can only be done in person by presenting your identification.


Community cards are available for different communities. Ask for more information from your locla library.Library card application form for communities (printable version)

Rules of use and fees

When you acquire a library card, you undertake to follow the Helle Library user regulations. Study the user regulations here User regulations in Finnish.pdf

Fees will be collected for overdue material. The library may also collect fees for some of its services.Information on current fees Fees and borrowing times in Finnish

Borrowing, returning and renewing material


In some libraries you need a four numbered PIN to borrow using the borrowing machine.If you don't have the PIN, you can ask for one from the staff at the library. You can not recieve the PIN by phone or e-mail.

Returning material/Due date

The due date of any material you have borrowed is shown on the loan receipt and on the Loans tab of the online library. The loan period varies according to what the borrowed material is. More information on loan periods and maximum loans is available here Fees and borrowing times in Finnish.

The borrowed material must be returned to the library by the due date within library opening hours or renewed at the online library by the end of the due date.

Renewing loans

In order to renew your loans at the online library, you need a four-number PIN. You can also renew your loans by calling the library.

Your library's contact information is listed under Helle-libraries.

Loans can be renewed no more than 6 times and only if there are no reservations for the items borrowed. Quick loans cannot be renewed. Material that has been invoiced cannot be renewed.


If you want, you can receive a reminder of closing due dates by e-mail or text message. Enable reminders in the message settings of the online library.

The due date marked on the loan receipt is binding, even in the event that you do not receive a due date reminder due to technical error.

Reminders of overdue material will be sent according to your choice either by e-mail, text message or letter. The so-called third reminder is, however, always sent by letter.

As the loaner, you are responsible for any material you have borrowed. Any material lost or destroyed must be refunded . You can temporarily lose you right to borrow items.

Making reservations

You can make reservations on material at your own library or at the online library. Reserving Helle Library material is free of charge.

If you do not collect your reservation, and have not cancelled the reservation before the collection period ends, you will be charged a fee. Reservations can be cancelled at the online library, if the reservation has not yet been handled. If the reservation is already being handled, please contact your library.

Quick loans and material that cannot be borrowed cannot be reserved.

You will receive a notice when the material you have reserved has arrived, either by e-mail, text message or letter. You can choose which way you prefer to receive the notice by logging into the online library or while visiting your library. The notice of arrival will mention the last day you can collect your reservation.

Interlibrary loan service

Interlibrary loan service for customers

If certain material is not available in the Helle Library collections, libraries may order it from other Finnish libraries or from abroad through the interlibrary loan service. Interlibrary loans are subject to a fee. Material ordered through the interlibrary loan service usually arrives within two weeks, unless the material is on loan at the sending library, or has been reserved. If the requested interlibrary loan is put on reservation queue, it could take several weeks or even months before it arrives.

Sending library's loan periods and other loan terms are always observed in interlibrary loans. Some material, for example, may not be available for borrowing. Interlibrary loans can only be returned to the library that requested the loan. Renewals are also handled through the requesting library.

For an Inter library loan there will be a charge of 4-8/€ per loan

Interlibrary loan service for libraries

Helle libraries also send interlibrary loans to other libraries free of charge. You can make an interlibrary loan request through the online library or by e-mail. The contact information of all Helle Libraries is available on the Helle-libraries -page.

Self-service libraries

Self-service libraries extend the opening hours of libraries. They allow you to visit the library even when the staff is not present.

Everybody who has a Helle-library card and a PIN can use the Self-service libraries.To gain access to the library during self-service hours, type in your library card number and PIN (PIN is four(4) numbers.

Library premises, materials and services can be used during the self-service hours almost in the same manner as when the staff is present. You can borrow and return material with a self-service machine, read magazines and use computers. You can read, study or just lounge in the library premises.

When you log in to the self-service library you will be registered and the library space is under camera surveillance. Everybody should log in to the self-service library personaly. Children are allowed in with their parents.

Self-service libraries:
Inkoo library
Liljendal Library (Loviisa)
Gammelbacka Library (Porvoo)
Kevätkumpu Library (Porvoo)
Tenala Library (Raasepori)
Söderkulla Library (Sipoo)

Computers, digitalization


You can use computers at the Helle-libraries. Ask for more information at your local library.

Digitalization of materials

Computers and digitalization room

At some Helle-libraries you can digitalize material such as VHS, c-tapes. Ask for more information at your local library.

> Digitalization at Inkoo Library (in Finnsh)
> Digitalization at Raasepori Library (in Finnsh)
> Digitalization at Porvoo Library (in Finnsh)