e-materials at Helle-libraries

e-books and audiobooks

> Helle ellibs

e-book and audiobooks for adults and children. Mostly i Finnish.

> Helle-Biblio

e-books and audiobooks for children and adults. Mostly in Swedish and Finnish, but books also available in english. One loan/customer/week

If you have borrowed a book in the old Elib-services you can finish it there. The old Elib-services will be shut down in the middle of December.

> eBiblioteket Östnyland
> Lukas-biblioteken


> ePress

Newspapers published in finnish and swedish in Finland. ePress can be used in the library at all Helle-libraries except Askola and Lapinjärvi.


> Viddla movies

Choose first the movie you want to watch and then borrow it by clicking Play movie -button. Next choose Helle-kirjastot and log in with your library card number and your pin code. The loan is valid for 48 hours during which you can watch the movies as many times as you want. You can at the most borrow 4 movies/library card/calendar month.
NB! Limitied number of loans per month (all Helle-libraries). Once limit is reached, no more loans until the following month.

> Kirjastokino movies

Watch as many movies as you like! Chose your movie and click on Katso. After that, choose Helle-kirjastot and log in with your librarycard and PIN. Kirjastokino also inclueds documentaries and hobby movies.


> Naxos Music Library

Log in using either website or mobile app.

> Naxos Music Library Jazz

Log in using either website or mobile app

> Naxos Music Library World

Log in using either website or mobile app.

Free database available on the internet and other databases

> Project Gutenberg

Free e-books in many different languages.

> Projekti Lönnrot

Free e-books in finnish and swedish.

> Klassikkokirjasto

Free classical e-books in finnsih and swedish.

> Onleihe

Free e-books, e-magazines, e-music in german.

> Kirjastot.fi:n Digitaaliset aineistot

Digitized material from the collections of public libraries.

> Kansalliskirjaston Digitaaliset aineistot

Newspapaer, classical books, music, parchment etc in digital form.

Muu tietokannat


Swedish encyclopedia. Can only be used in Edge-browser at the moment.
Only for Porvoo Library's customers.

> Kansallisbiografia

Can be used at the library in Pornainen ja Porvoo.

> Talouselämän vaikuttaja

Can be used in the library at Pornainen.